Is it safe to pay my bills electronically?
Yes. Electronic Credit Card and eCheck payments use the same safe and secure network that financial institutions, businesses, and governments use to send and receive payments. Information is transmitted using secure encrypted methods.
What if there is a problem with an electronic payment?
For Credit Card transactions you will be immediately notified when the transaction is accepted or denied.
How do I prove I made a payment if there is no paper trail?
Your Credit Card or Bank Account statement is considered proof of payment. You do not need a paper trail; electronic records carry the same legal standing as paper records
Will people have access to my bank account or credit card information?
No. Once you authorize or initiate an electronic payment, the payment is simply processed by the system. No credit card or checking account numbers are stored with North Shore Agency. Transaction reference information is stored which will allow you and North Shore Agency to confirm payment has been made
How will I keep financial records if I do not have paper bills?
You can print a receipt at the time of the transaction.
Does the system reflect my current balance?
The system is driven by the bills mailed or electronically presented by North Shore Agency. Please allow 2-3 business days for credit to be posted to your North Shore Agency account. If a bill is generated within a few days of you making a payment, it is possible that you will receive a bill that does not reflect your most recent payment.